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Promech Enterprises Inc. is an innovative producer of custom designed and built automated systems with a focus on robotics. Having recognized that the supply of standardized machinery doesn't meet the need of most businesses, Promech has committed to bridging that gap to ensure our clients' special and unique needs are fulfilled. With past projects ranging from $1000 to $2.5 million in size, our experience, from a simple jig and fixture design to full plant automation, has allowed our team of experts to experiment and grow in nearly every field available.

Should You Automate?

Costs of running a business in the western world are steadily increasing and competing with the international markets has become difficult. Cheap labour is sourced out to countries such as China, Taiwan and India, so businesses can meet the demands of their customers, often sacrificing quality in the process. Automation strengthens a business who is striving to save money on production labour costs while at the same time increasing productivity and consistency of products. While outsourcing to country with a cheaper workforce can increase production, automation has been proven to outperform their international counterparts by 400-800%.

Are you interested to know how bringing custom-built, automated robotics to your business? Contact us for more information on the benefits of automation.


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