We love to make a difference

Heart For The Community

Our Community

Our community is important to us and investing in services and charities that benefit them has become second nature to us. While we have worked with many charities over the years, We are currently involved in three: SickKids Hospital, The Dam, and the Legion. These organizations have impacted our community in such a significant way, that we were compelled to join in to keep the cycle of giving going. These organizations have continued to build and shape our society for decades. We admire their tenacity and their devotion to helping those in need and having benefited from their services ourselves, it is only befitting that we extend our gratitude into action.

SickKids Hospital

For over 140 years, SickKids Hospital has been enriching the lives and welfare of children and their families. The pediatric hospital, located in Toronto, Ontario, provides children with not only the lifesaving treatments they require but also the ability to be seen beyond the hospital bed. SickKids Hospital has touched the lives of countless children but for it to continue to thrive, they require the community’s continuous support.

The Dam

The Dam is a service that help youth and young moms reach their full potential. Having been around for over 20 years, The Dam has since provided workshops in art, drama, and writing, seminars for alcohol and drug abuse, and life skills training courses for thousands of teenagers and young adults. These opportunities allow these individuals to equip themselves with the information, tools, and training needed to tackle their problematic situations head on and succeed. The Dam continues to grow and would like to expand their services further.

The Legion

The Legion is a pillar in communities across Ontario. While supporting our veterans and remembering those lost is the Legion’s original focus, the Legion has since expanded to aid in sponsorship of community programs. Whether it is a community event or a medical facility, the Legion is there to lend their support.