Automated Systems and Robotics

Automation is Promech Enterprises main priority and customizing our clients’ machinery and automated systems benefits their businesses in a way standardized machinery cannot.

Our clients needs are as diverse as the businesses they founded, and their diversity demands a unique list of requirements to ensure their integrity or quality of goods is not sacrificed for the sake of a rise in production.

Promech’s team of innovative engineers are experienced in a wide array of mechanical automated machinery, including but not limited to: Automated Food Processing Line

Frozen Drum Grinder Machine

Inspection Rejection System

Product Drying System

Robotic Depalletizing System

Automated Paper Pick n’ Place

Automated Pouch Processing Line

Centrifuge for custom Molding Application

Industrial Microwave Processing Line

Robotic Loading System

Robotic Unloading System

Spouted Pouch Processing Line

Considering the benefits of integrating a custom automated system or machinery into your business? Contact us for more information.

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